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For Life & Liberty NPC

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11/28/05 07:59 pm - An apartment in Baltimore, MD

The brunette woman jerked awake, her silken negligée soaked with cold sweat, her breath coming in noisy gasps.

Great tears rolled down her cheeks as she clutched at the golden amulet around her neck. It was icy cold against her skin, and she knew that that could mean only one thing. The one she loved more than her own life was gone forever.

**Whoever took you from me will pay, my dearest love....** she thought, throwing back the bedclothes and making her way down the hall to a room shrouded in shadows. Whipping the black silk from the mirror, she breathed upon it and spoke in a whisper:

"Gather the others, Gwalchamai - we have to avenge Dante's murder."

10/18/05 07:49 am - Philadelphia International Airport

((OOC: This takes place before the October 8, 2005 tabletop session.))

A well-dressed Asian man of about thirty emerges from the International Arrivals Hall in Terminal A, towing a suitcase behind him on wheels. Despite the bustling crowds in the terminal, the people near him give him a wide berth.

After making his way through Customs (showing the agent a Japanese passport), he pulls a small leather-bound book from the inside of his suit coat and flips through its pages. Walking briskly over to a pay phone, he punches in a number; after a moment or two, he converses in rapid-fire Japanese with the person on the other end of the line.

Once his phone conversation is done, he hangs up and makes his way to the taxi stand. After several minutes, he climbs into a taxi and heads off toward his destination....
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8/4/05 12:39 pm - The Ohtori Dojo

During a karate class, a tall, muscular man with longish red hair and pale green eyes enters the Ohtori Dojo. Despite the heat, he's clad in jeans, a white T-shirt, and a black leather jacket. Surveying the class going on with a hooded gaze, he puffs on a Cuban cigar held between his teeth.

((Warning: Violence and explicit language in comments. Do not read if you will be offended.))
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